Establishing Post Playdate Check-Ins

Post Playdate Check-ins

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As we are enjoying our summer, our kids are most likely asking us to have playdates. As my children get older and I feel more comfortable, we are allowing them to have drop-off playdates. This can be scary and cause you anxiety at first, but making sure you know who will be there, where and how long can help ease your mind. I love hearing about my children’s playdates, the good and the bad. Talking to your child afterwards can also give you an idea of what happened during their playdate. Here are 5 questions that I ask as post playdate check-ins to see how the playdate went.

  1. Did you feel safe there?

I ALWAYS want my children to feel safe and comfortable. If a child says they do not feel safe, then you know to assess the situation and possibly not put them in that environment anymore. Examples could be, they were playing with fire or saw guns. With our world today, you may deem a situation as safe, but take it from the child if they say they are not safe or comfortable.


2.  Did you talk to or see anyone new?

This may give you an idea of who was around. Maybe someone showed up unexpectedly. Maybe the supervising parent had to leave the room and a new family member or friend was watching your child. You always want to know who your child is exposed to.

3.  What new and fun activities did you? 

Asking your child if they did anything new may allow you to know what they were exposed to that they are usually not exposed to at home. Finding out what your child finds fun may also be an idea for the future that you can incorporate into your fun activities. 


4.  Did you do anything you didn’t like today?

Asking this question is important. You can assess if something made them sad, uncomfortable, angry, or scared. They may have not liked the food, the activity or someone that was around them. The child may also tell you something that was said at the playdate, that they didn’t like. 

5.  Would you want to have another playdate with them?

This question I always ask because the questions above could be yes or no answers. If my children say that they wouldn’t want to play with them again, then that would be the end of it. Digging deeper into why they wouldn’t would be the next step. 

These are just a couple of the questions I ask my children after their playdates. I also try to ask opened-ended questions so I can get more information. We may feel that a situation is safe, fun and inviting, but your children will give you an idea of what the playdate was really like. 

Mujaahadeanah Pohlheber
Hi! I am a wife, a mother of three and NICU nurse born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I married my husband and have been growing my family for the past 6 years. I enjoy playing tennis, guitar, listening to music and traveling in my free time. My dedication in helping others as a NICU nurse and a volunteer in the community allows me to continue to meet those seeking help with motherhood. As a mother of three young children, I am continuing to navigate motherhood, and while doing so I have gained the ability to be brave, resilient, and strong.


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